WOLACO: Look Good, Feel Good, Train Harder

Elevate your active routine.

I am and have always been a strong proponent for the look good feel good approach.  I can’t say it’s clinically proven but one would think if you feel good, you’ll perform better – not just on the field but in all aspects of life.  Plus, who doesn’t want to feel good?

WOLACO was born in Tribeca with a passion to create gear that performs in a city that demands efficiency.  For them it’s about smart design, quality fabrics, and meticulous attention to the details.

We believe that healthy, active living is central to your performance as a human being.  In other words, we believe that being your most badass self means being the healthiest version of yourself.

Every day I train, I have a mentality to do better than yesterday.  Since I started training in the Fulton .75 compression pants better known as my WOLA’s, it’s given me extreme comfort both physically (mostly on my knees and hamstrings) and mentally.  Hands down, these are the most functional tights that I own.  It may sound cliche but they do allow me to become the most badass version of myself because it gives me the mindset to train harder.  Why?  Because I feel good.

The Fulton .75 is a 3/4 length compression pant with two water-proof pockets to store your stuff.  One pocket is specifically designed for your mobile phone or music player, while the other pocket can serve as a safe-haven for valuables such as keys, cash, or credit cards during an intense and expectedly sweaty workout.

Wolaco Navy Left Pocket Wolaco Navy Right Pocket

WOLACO is committed to making technical gear that performs, looks great, works hard, and never loses its form, no matter how many workouts you do or laundry cycles you put it through.  Major KEY!  There is nothing worse than a piece of clothing that deteriorates after a few washes.

Enjoy a new level of comfort and performance and strive be a better version of yourself each and every day.


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