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This past August, The Huffington Post published an article called This is the ‘Bacon Of Shirts’ a piece about this particular shirt made by J. Crew, a Gingham print button down.Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 11.54.30 AM Apparently everyone and their brother owns this article of clothing in NYC. This shirt is so infamous it even has its own Instagram account (@thatjcrewginghamshirt – 12k Followers), very odd. Although, I do not own this shirt that everyone claims to want or have, I have fell victim to wearing the same shirt as a coworker on the same day, actually it was two coworkers. Long story short, it was not ideal and I have learned my lesson.

By now you’re probably wondering where I am going with this, it’s simple…I need to start buying dress shirts elsewhere but I’m picky. Thankfully, we discovered Twillory. A startup based in NYC dedicated to providing you direct access to quality dress shirts at a fair price. It’s all about cutting out the middleman, says Twillory. They may be a startup but their history says otherwise.

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“We started in 1892. Our history in manufacturing begins in Austria at the turn of the century with Emanuel Goldschmidt. The business was transplanted by Alfredo Goldschmidt to Argentina mid-century and finally to New York in 1980. Now it is Ricardo Goldschmidt, Twillory’s president, who carries on his family heritage in textile design and apparel manufacturing.”

If we did our math correctly, and if Twillory started in 1892, they have about 1,068,720 of hours under their belt. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, he repeatedly mentions the 10,000-Hour Rule. Practicing a specific task for 10,000 hours can make you an expert. If the 10,000-Hour Rule applies then Twillory by far surpasses the criteria to be an expert.

twillory 2

It’s safe to say, they know what they’re doing and when we received their product it was immediately #TailoredAvenueApproved! Shirts retail for $99 but if you follow them on Instagram, you’ll be sure to catch a promo code or use our code “stockup” to get 4 shirts for $200!

Currently, Twillory has an array of 30 shirts to choose from. That’s enough of a selection to ensure you won’t be wearing the same shirt as a coworker ever again.

twillory 1

Aside from choosing your neck size and sleeve length, below are three additional options when choosing the right shirt for you.

Fit: Tailored or Traditional

Collar: Cutaway, Spread, or Button Down

Cuff: Button or French

*We’ve bolded our favorite specs.

Why we think Twillory is unique:

  • The Twillory Tailored shirts have a natural slim fit made for a lean muscular build. No need for a tailor.
  • The distance between the top two buttons. The alignment of the second button (from the top) is crucial, especially if you often find yourself leaving the top button, unbuttoned. This allows the collar to sit nicely and your casual look now appears classy. This is our preferred feature.
  • Complimentary brushed steel collar stays and Mother of Pearl buttons.
  • Spread collars are quite common among shirt makers but Twillory offers a few shirts with a cutaway collar which us the widest of spread collars. Thumbs up.
  • An eighth button was added to keep the shirt firmly in place, solving the problem caused by stretching or maneuvering. Most shirts have 7 buttons incase you were wondering.
  • Many of us take shipping for granted but our experience with Twillory was great, we received our shirts one day after we placed the order, no joke. Free, fast shipping!

Hey Twillory, have you watched Peaky Blinders yet? We’re hoping you can release a line of penny (club) collared shirts similar to what Thomas Shelby and the gangsters wore on the lawless streets on Birmingham. Just an idea…

peaky blinders 2

Continue coming back to Tailored Avenue and we’ll help you discover what you’ve always been looking for.

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