TA Picks: 5 Live Kickstarter Campaigns We Like Right Now!

Turn An Idea Into A Reality 

As a start-up, Tailored Avenue needed a way to raise money in order to bring their debut product, The Perfect Part to life. Not wanting to give up equity, they turned to crowdfunding. This is an excellent way for companies to debut their idea, product, or company and make it a reality. Here are a few campaigns live right now that caught our eye:

BIRLINE: Super Slim Watches & Harris Tweed Straps

Birline 1We can’t enough of watches and neither should you. A classy watch during the week should strengthen your suit and work attire. Your weekend watch should offer style and uniqueness, with the ability to compliment any outfit. Birline watches offer both class and style.

Founded by two Swedish gents, Alex and Andy, after meeting each other in Barcelona. They have spent the last 12 months working on an ultra-thin watch with a unique Harris Tweed strap. This started out as a search for the perfect watch: affordable, versatile and, of course, beautiful. There disappointment with what was available led to the idea that they should design and make our own line of watches with high quality materials.


Between the rose gold and silver stainless steel faces and the variety of Harris Tweed straps to choose from, the options are endless. Birline is unique and has no restrictions.

These watches are going for $119 on Kickstarter right now, 50% off retail.


1776 Company: Handcrafted in America Leather Wrapped Goods

Every man is entitled to his very own flask, #ManLaw.1776 3
Whether you decide to fill it up with your favorite bourbon, liquor, or any other beverage of your choice, your flask should hold your liquids and feel right in the palm of your hand. The 1776 Company have created their very own 8 oz. leather wrapped flask. This flask is composed of leak free stainless steel and is wrapped in tightly stitched leather from the Horween Leather Company in Chicago.

1776 Company is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign and has even surpassed their goal with 18 days to 1776 2go. They will be offering different colors of leather such as: Revolution Red, Brown, Black, a Navy Blue, as well as an option to customize your very own flask. 1776’s mission is to make quality-handcrafted goods in America that possess both beauty and everyday utility; these leather wrapped flasks will be the first step in that direction. We look forward to seeing the progress of this brand. 


bottleLoft… by Strong Like Bull Magnets

Whether you have a couple casual beers in your fridge during the workweek or you’re stocking up your fridge on the weekend, bottles of beer or other beverages simply take up too much space in your fridge. To help solve this probbottleloft 2lem, Brian Conti brings you the bottleLoft, a magnetic bottle hanger. With the use of 3 neodymium magnets for maximum strength, 3 custom designed machined steel cups to hold the magnets, a custom plastic rail to hold the magnets and steel cups, and 1 strip of 3M VHB tape to hold the entire piece in place; you officially have…the bottleLoft. By using this clever device, you can have you your favorite bottled beers or beverages suspended in the air while storing other items below the bottles.

bottleloft 4

This project is now on Kickstarter and needs your help to become fully funded! One can purchase 1 bottleLoft to hang 3 bottles, 2 bottleLofts to hang a six-pack, and finally you can order a 4 pack of bottleLofts to hang a twelve- pack. With a goal of $20,000 and 23 days left, are you willing to fund this campaign?


Button Right: Fashionable socks that stay together

Yes, were talking socks again. If you have been following us, you know we like a fresh pair of socks that can compliment your outfit. How many times have you lost a sock doing laundry, and of cbutton right 1ourse the one in your favorite pair? Mr.Sock, a combination of 3 different sock enthusiasts, has just fixed your problem with Button Right. These high quality combed cotton or wool-cotton blend socks come with a button on one sock and a button hole on the other. By attaching your two socks together before throwing them into the wash or your drawer, you will no longer lose your socks to the Sockymonster.

Mr. Sock has a unique brand image and shows great style with their collection of Button Right socks. This Kickstarter campaign is very close to being fully funded but still needs a ‘lil help’. So stop losing your socks and keep your favorite pair longer than ever.

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 12.33.44 PM     Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 12.33.55 PM

Wood Wallet & Business Card Holder

proof 1Everyone needs a wallet, period. One that can carry all your cards and money without being extremely bulky in your pocket is necessary; being stylish at the same time is a plus. At Tailored Avenue we love wooden accessories, but is it possible to combine wallets with the element of wood? Thanks to Proof, who has created uniquely designed wooden wallets. Each wallet comes from different types of wood, creating different looks and styles. In the past, Proof had successfully created and funded their first wooden wallet on Kickstarter, the ‘Slab’. After getting some feedback, they have come back even stronger by improving their original wallet and creating 3 additional products.

For their current Kickstarter campaign, Proof is offering 4 distinct wallets; The Slab 2.0, The Flip, The Block, and The Arch.  The Slab 2.0, the second version the original Proof wallet, is composed of two pieces of brass wood and a silicone band to hold your cards and money in-between. The Flip takes on the look of a vintage cigarette holder and is made from pine wood. This accessory allows you to hold your business cards, spare change, pieces of gum, and more. The Block is made from an eccentric zebra wood with a slight curve to the wood allowing you to securely hold 2-6 cards. Lastly, The Arch, made from pine wood, this wallet has simple style and offers comfort by arching to the shape of your leg.  All Proof wallets offer distinct style and uses.
proof 5

Now’s your time to become a maven and help back one of these Kickstarter projects.

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