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Ride or Die: SWERVE into Shape

Tired of working out alone? Exhausted trying to amp yourself up with some beats in your headphones? Undoubtedly looking like a creep bobbin’ your head to the music hoping no one is watching you, or wishing they were. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

It’s not easy getting results by yourself; you need others to push you if you want true improvement. Growing up, being part of several winning teams you’ll understand the feeling of companionship.


Located in Flatiron, NYC, SWERVE has brought cycling to the next level.


What is SWERVE?

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Each class is divided into three teams (green, red, and blue) and when you book your bike, you can choose to participate in the team competition or opt out. Bikes are equipped with a personal console that tracks your performance aka your SWERVE Score, equates to your total energy output in kilojoules. This is unique because it will help you push your limits each time you go. Maximum results in less time.


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