Suntaker: A New Age of Towels

Travel Towels

Admit it, sometimes you get a little skeeved out using other people’s towels. Truth is, if we could bring our own towels everywhere we go we would BUT we don’t because it’s inconvenient.

Try packing up one of your cotton towels on your next weekend getaway and you’ll quickly see how much unwanted space it takes up. This is where the Suntaker comes into play. This towel folds up as small as a t-shirt in your bag or suitcase. Not only is the Suntaker convenient, the material is extremely soft, super lightweight, and dries faster than those heavy cotton towels.

towel duel

The towels are made from a lab tested quick dry fabric with UV protection, blocking 96% or more of the sun’s harmful rays. The Suntaker literally takes the water from your skin, drying 2-3 times faster than cotton. As moisture reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to evaporate very quickly. The fabrics anti-microbial technology safely reduces bacterial growth to eliminate odors so you won’t get that smell that cotton towels produce.

Here at Tailored Avenue, we love to bring the Suntaker with us when traveling. With the ski season looming, we’re excited to bring these towels with us for late night hot tub hang outs after a long day on the mountain. The Suntaker is simple, versatile, and easy to carry! It is our go to towel for all things water.

Soon they will be launching a wearable poncho towel for adults. Check them out on Instagram for updates.

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