Sunflowerman: A True Menswear Artist

Illustrating men’s fashion like never before.

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I see a picture and can instantly imagine what’s going on that very moment. Pictures can even give us a feeling of nostalgia from a particular memory or experience. But you know what has a deeper meaning than a picture? An illustration.

The Sunflowerman sheds light on men’s fashion and menswear in a whole new way by creating masterful illustrations. The ‘Sunflowerman illustration’ consists of watercolor paintings as well as regular paintings on book pages and fabrics.

Hanhart+watch+painting+process“Illustrations work because through interpretation they relate a physical experience and attach it to an emotion.” – The Sunflowerman himself.

What caught our eye was the Sunflowerman’s daily fashion project. This project looks to illustrate different styles and stories Vintage+Monksbehind people, brands, or anything else that encompasses menswear fashion. For a week at a time, the Sunflowerman will devote each day of the week to illustrating a certain project.

Just recently, we were exposed to the Sunflowerman’s shoe collection. Each day of the week, we were shown an illustration of a particular shoe with a little background/story about the shoe. Just a few to name: Bedstu Declaration boots, Miguel Angel single monk strap vintage leather shoes, San Remo brogue, woven, black cap-toe shoes, and more. Well-done Sunflowerman, we like your style!

These illustrations are badass and exhibit pure craftsmanship and awesomeness. Look to purchase some of Sunflowermatt’s paintings at his shop or show some love and sponsor this gent a cup of coffee. #TrustTailored


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