We Love Stormy Weathered’s Men’s Jewelry

Our friends over at Stormy Weathered have known for years that jewelry isn’t just for women. In recent months owner Stormy Barbara decided it was time to start a men’s line. The Stormy Weathered brand has since exploded, increasing their Facebook fan base from 300 fans to over 13,000 in just a few months.

Stormy Weathered offers a unique, one of a kind men’s jewelry line, made of chunky beads and knotted cord. Each piece is hand crafted and, in Stormy’s words, designed to help its wearers attain ultimate peace, happiness and tranquility.photo 3

Each item in the men’s collection is priced from $30-$35. Not bad for a high-quality, hand-crafted custom creation. Every piece of jewelry is adorned with the company’s lightning bolt logo. We like to layer up Stormy Weathered’s bracelets on top of a watch, or wear them by themselves.

photo 4

When Tailored Avenue asked Stormy about her journey, she said, “My work is fun, trendy and timeless. I have unleashed my inner creativity and I’m watching it soar!”

Check out www.StormyWeathered.com to find your one-of-kind creation.

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