Son Of A Tailor: Made to Measure Tees

Your personal, custom made t-shirt.

With hundreds of brands flooding the market with basics, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find that perfect shirt. Basics should be easy to buy and fit the way you imagined.

My awkwardly shaped torso and lanky arms fit well in most mediums, but after the first wash I’m screwed. Next time, I’ll go with the large which of course I’m swimming in until I toss it in the dryer and crank the heat up. However, there are still sections of the shirt I wish would fit a little better ie: the sleeve opening, the length etc.


Son of a Tailor will personally create your t-shirt based on your individual measurements exactly the way you want it. #Legendary

How does it work?

First, you will select the style of your t-shirt – the fabric, the stitching, O vs. V-neck, pocket or no pocket, and the color. Next, you will enter your measurements by actually measuring yourself or simply measuring your favorite t-shirt. You can even add a monogram which is icing on the cake.


Once you have entered your measurements, the Son of a Tailor team will start making YOUR t-shirt. Since they don’t make standard sized tees, all custom t-shirts are cut from a new fabric every time and tailored just for you.


The Son of a Tailor t-shirt is much more than a basic tee. It is a high quality t-shirt that you’ll want to wear with any outfit. Plus, with the Cotton/Elastane fabric (which we recommend), it’s not going to shrink like every other t-shirt you’ve already ruined.

Everything’s Better When It’s Tailored. #TrustTailored

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