Somnium: Kansas City Based Streetwear

Dream on

Somnium derives from the Latin word dream or vision. Dreams keep people ambitious and the little things in life can inspire them. Whether it’s the people that surround you, the food you eat, or even the clothes you wear – any of which can spark that drive.

Kansas City based apparel, Somnium, is a lifestyle 10731807_404311509718188_78386185_nbrand that looks to inspire confidence through their clothing. Somnium’s style is fresh and unique, making for a nice staple in the streets.

Despite being based out of KC, this lifestyle brand has some NY swagga’ to them. From their t-shirts to their lightweight hoodies and crewnecks, you’ll know exactly what we’re talkin’ about.

One piece of clothing that really grabbed the ‘Tailored Eye’ was Somnium’s short sleeve Double Strip Crew. Mix and match this crew neck with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, some hi-top kicks, and hit the streets. #StyleWithAttitude



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