Small Batch Collection: Bourbon

Wait, not all whiskey is bourbon?

Whiskey, which defined means a distilled liquor made from a fermented mash of grains, is an exclusive club that lists bourbon, Tennessee, Scotch, Irish and Canadian whiskies as its members. Although all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon. By law, to be called a straight bourbon whiskey, the mash bill must contain at least 51 percent corn, be distilled at no more than 160 proof and aged in new, charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years (Small Batch).

Gentlemen, please take notes because Small Batch could teach you a thing or two.

Since living in Manhattan the past four years, it seems that bourbon is the new male standard. With more and more men becoming conscious of their appearance, the thought of drinking beer or spirits is bound to arise. We’ve all been there. Lately, the decision for us has been easy, bourbon. Why, because that’s what gentleman do.

We recently stumbled upon two fine bourbons; Baker’s and Booker’s that we encourage you try.


Baker’s: Warm, silky and smooth. ‘The mix of grains, yeast, and seven soothing years in new oak combine to give this bourbon a deeply mellow, richly flavorful, medium-bodied taste with a delicious aroma full of fruit and vanilla.’ Named after Baker Beam, the grand nephew of Jim Beam.

Booker’s: Rich, smoky and raw. ‘Unlike anything you have ever tasted, Booker’s is one of the only uncut, unfiltered, straight-from-the-barrel, bourbons available today. It’s bottled at its natural proof of between 121 and 127, and aged between six and eight years. Booker’s Bourbon delivers a range of intense flavors from oak tannin and smoky vanilla to lighter tones of mocha and coffee.’ Booker’s was named after Booker himself, the legend. Booker had bourbon running through his veins, his mother was Jim Beam’s daughter.

These ultra-premium bourbons are made in limited quantities, which give it top-notch quality. Not only are we impressed with this fine spirit but we love the history built within Small Batch.

Did you know?

Tasting Small Batch Bourbon involves four steps: examining the color, aroma, taste and finish. This is done to assess the different tones, complexities and flavors of each of these spirits.

Family Traditions:

Booker is a legend. The big man who talked like a Kentuckian and thought like a philosopher had a contagious personality. People couldn’t resist him. He joined the family business in 1950, learning from his uncle T Jeramiah Beam, who was James B Beam’s son. Ten years later he became master distiller. Booker may have been a Noe, but Beam ran in his blood — his mother was Jim Beam’s daughter. He introduced small batch bourbon to the public, revolutionizing the bourbon industry. The first landmark small batch bourbon was appropriately named Booker’s® Bourbon, as it was hand-picked by Booker himself.

Fred Noe is a man filled with love for bourbon, and he shares it with everyone he meets. Filling his father’s shoes was only natural. Booker taught Fred everything he knew about bourbon, making him well-suited to become distiller of The Small Batch Bourbon Collection®. Over the years, he has studied the craft closely, overseeing the production of Knob Creek® and the other Small Batch Bourbons. “I’ve learned the business pretty much top to bottom,” he says. “From working at the plant and listening to my father, I know what it takes to make a good bourbon — its part science, part art, and all pride. Every bottle we produce is a reflection of my family so I know it has to be perfect.”

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