Simply Skinny Ties: Slimmed Down Neckwear

The Skinny, brought to you by Tailored Avenue.

Since ties can’t go on diets, it’s time to throw out those thick pendulums you have swinging around your neck and get with the program.

Simply Skinny Ties offers stylish skinny neckties, it’s just that simple (Try saying that 5 times fast).


Other than being narrow-fitted, these handmade custom-lined ties are formed with care, high in quality, and affordable at just $25 bucks a pop. We find it extremely difficult to find this combination, hence the reason we worship this brand.

At Tailored Avenue, we rock slender ties (about 2.5 inches wide at the base) with shirts and blazer or suit combo. These ties can help elongate your torso and make any gent wearing them look a little leaner. I think we can all appreciate that. #TrustTailored


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