Silvano Apparel: Wooden Watch Collection

Another wooden accessory…

Is that watch made out of wood? That’s generally the popular question when wearing this unique watch. It’s simple, when it comes to style and wood, Silvano does it best. Their handmade wooden watch collection consist of Sandalwood, Bamboo, and Maple woods. Silvano’s cutting-edge designs range from an oval face and wooden dial or a digital 24-hour and date display with a wooden band.

Light Brown Large Watch

To make these watches even more unique, you will find a clever slogan engraved on the back of each watch “don’t follow trends, follow your style.” The combination of this motto and the overall unique presence gives this watch the Tailored Avenue stamp of approval!

Not looking for a wooden watch?  They also specialize in uniquely made wooden eyewear and phone accessories. Check out their collections.

At Tailored Avenue we are devoted to discovering new brands and we’re thrilled we came across Silvano Apparel. Their brand focuses on the ‘fashion conscious consumer that demands exclusivity and originality along with comfortable functionality.’ We couldn’t agree more with their attitude.

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