Owen & Fred: The Flight Brief

Another Slam Dunk

The ‘Greatest of All Time’ debate is an epidemic that has been going on forever. For example, name the top 5 basketball players of all time, GO! Humans have their own opinions and so do we at Tailored Ave.

We think it’s almost time to include Owen & Fred in the ‘Greatest of All Time’ conversation. They may not have as many championships as Jordan but after launching one successful product after another, it’s becoming clear that Mike Arnot’s BK startup is on the path to becoming one of the GOAT’s in men’s goods. Founded just 3 years ago, Owen & Fred has made some serious noise in an extremely competitive industry.

Just recently, Owen & Fred introduced the Flight Brief, a durable (rugged) waxed-canvas briefcase, strapped with some of Americas finest leather and superior hardware.

OF 3

Consider this brief your new everyday bag you’ll never leave home without. Whether your jet setting to Chi town for a couple meetings or grinding out your daily commute, this bag should always be at your fingertips.

OF 2

Size: 15.5 inches length, 12.5 inches interior height and 3.5 inches wide

The Owen & Fred Flight Brief is a staple every gentleman should own, regardless of their occupation.


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