OriJeans: Bespoke Jeans That Fit Like A Glove

Everything’s better when it’s tailored.

Everyone has things they hate…stuff that just gets under your skin. Clothing that doesn’t fit you right is atop my list. As an editor of Tailored Avenue, I know how essential it is to have your attire tailored and fit to your body.

This day and age, everything, including buying clothes has migrated to the Internet. Problem is when ordering online, I have found it very difficult to find my exact size, particularly with jeans. Recently, I stumbled upon Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.14.55 PMOriJeans, made-to-order, custom fit jeans. An innovative startup that allows you to fully customize your jeans so they fit like a glove. Literally.

By using their Web Constructor, Tailoring your very own pair of OriJeans is flat out easy. First, select the cut and style you want: straight, skinny, slim, or tapered. Personally, I prefer a slim over skinny cut, that is  not too tight like a rock star walking out of hot topic. Next, you customize your jeans with a certain fabric, threading, pocket alignment, and other details. Finally, you add the finishing touches by entering your exact measurements and your seat shape (a.k.a. the size of your ass). If you’re one of those guys who likes to cuff up the bottoms, Ori gives you the option to add 2 inches. At just $149, OriJeans makes it possible to have quality tailored jeans at an affordable price.


By using raw, selvedge denim from the top dealers in the world, these jeans provide an authentic stylish look.

OriJeans is a product of a kickstarter campaign. The OriJeans team stays away from outsourcing when manufacturing and does everything in-house at their Ukraine factory. This hands on approach adds much more value to each pair of jeans.

OriJeans is currently in the midst of another kickstarter campaign with their raw denim bag. Check it out!


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