Mott & Bow: The Mavens of Denim

Lean Mean Denim Machine

Let’s face it, buying quality denim can be a bit daunting. Traveling to a retail store and discovering they don’t have your size. Even worse, ordering online and realizing they don’t fit the way you imagined, then having to go through a taxing return process. Major buzz-kill.

An average pair of designer jeans at Bloomingdales or Barneys retails in the ballpark of $200 and you’re still not guaranteed to get the exact fit and wash you truly want. This is why we think Mott & Bow is changing the game in the denim industry. They’re making it too easy for the consumer, starting with their intuitive website and ending with free shipping.


Pictured: Skinny Crosbys (Medium-Blue)

With over 30 plus denim years under their belt, the Kickstarter-born M&B, is crafting designer quality denim and selling it for a fraction of the price. Offering three different fits (Skinny, Slim, and Straight) depending on your style and body type, along with a wide variety of washes. By cutting out the middleman, M&B makes it possible to deliver high quality denim to your door at a daring price. Starting at $96, we’re confident you’ll find that perfect pair of jeans you’ve been looking for. #TrustTailored

The Feel:

The fabric indeed measures up to any big name, denim brand. It’s clear they are buying from the best mills in the world – Orta Anadolu from Turkey.

Unique Feature Alert!

If you’re on the fence between two sizes, Mott & Bow offers a Home Try-On Program that allows you to pick two pairs of jeans for the price of one. After you have tried them on, send back the pair you don’t want with a prepaid shipping label.

Click here for 15% off your first pair of Mott & Bow’s!

DSC02561 (1)

Learn more about denim from the experts at their Denim Science page, you WILL learn a thing or two.

Sneak Peak of the “Tube Tie” from Denim Science.


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