Mister French: The Linen Connaisseur

Vacations are for linen.

Exactly 28 days from now (and 5,013 miles from my 550 ft² studio in New York), I’ll be waking up along side my beautiful wife to the stunning paradisiacal views of the Aegean Sea from the Greek Island, Mykonos.  Sipping champagne for breakfast and donning linen 24/7 – just a taste of how we plan to spend our days in utopia.

Vacation should be effortless.  This means getting dressed should not require any brain power.  Mark Zuckerberg (aka modern day Einstein) wears the same t-shirt every single day and his reasoning is “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.”  Fair assessment, so we’re going to introduce you to our good friend Mr. F who will help you best serve your life.  Mister French is here to connect you with the shirt that you can wear around the clock.

MF 4

Cut for the legends of leisure – MF shirts look good on literally anyone!  Trust me, if you are a man or woman and your outfit consists of bathing suit bottom, a Mister French Linen shirt and sunglasses, you’re doing it right.  For our upcoming trip to the Greek Islands, we’ll be rocking the Captain’s White Short-Sleeve.  

MF Captain SS

Captain’s White Short-Sleeve

Every element of a Mister French shirt reflects a dedication to detail:


Each MF shirt is tricked out with a Sunset Loop, Contrast Collar, 100% Italian Linen, and Mother of Pearl Buttons.  The sunset loop was cleverly built and placed inside the shirt to safely hang your sunglasses. “I like that” – DJ Khaled voice.

The signature collar has been treated with the latest 3M stain resistant technology to keep it crisp and clean all summer long. The silhouette is cut to look natural at the beach and elegant at a party. The linen is sourced from Italy and made in Portugal.

You deserve this shirt.

Period. End of story.

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