Koio Collective: Sneakers That Have It All

These luxurious handcrafted sneakers need no further explanation, they are the truth.

Two Wharton School MBA graduates (Johannes Quodt, Chris Wichert) were on a quest to do luxury sneakers, differently.  This inspiration lead to their brand, Koio Collective.

Koio supplys consumers with good taste, hand-crafted Italian made sneakers at an affordable price.  By using a Direct-to-Consumer model, they were able to do this without compromising the quality of the product.

The minimalistic and classic design of the Primo Nero High-Top make this sneaker extremely versatile.  These sneakers quickly became the third wheel on my honeymoon in Greece.


What makes Koio’s kicks so attractive, besides the sleek design and cherry red insole, is that many of the designer labels out there cost 2x the price of Koio’s.  Meanwhile, the Koio’s are using the same manufacturer as many of the big labels, surprise surprise…

When I showed off my Koio’s to my sneakerhead friends (ie: the ones who wear the Balenciaga’sGiuseppe’s and Louboutin’s), they couldn’t believe the quality, detail and price tag on the sneakers. Koio’s are the complete package.

Tailored Choice: Primo Nero $338

  • Full-grain pebbled calf leather upper
  • Soft calf leather lining
  • Signature red Koio Collective calf leather insole
  • Hand-painted leather edges
  • Padded tongue with Koio Collective embossing
  • Tone-on-tone laces, sole, and lining
  • Rubber outsole by Margom®, the gold standard in luxury sneakers


Make sure to pack your Koio’s for your next adventure as these shoes go with any outfit your traveling in or country your traveling to.  It’s only a matter of time before we pick up another pair – hint hint, the Primo/Gavia Bianco’s are on our radar…

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