IVY PREPSTER: Distinctive, Clever Knit Ties

Feeling tied down?

The tie may be one of the most significant and vital parts of a man’s suit. The knot of the tie should be crisp and not lax. The end of the tie should not hang far below the belt line while not hanging at the belly button either. With Spring in the air and Summer on our horizons, men should slip on a lighter tie with slight more color and style.

IVY PREPSTER is just what the doctor prescribed with their collection of knit and woven ties, bow ties, tie bars, and pocket squares. From the Ivy League to 40-hour workweeks, IVY’s style and image resonates with all age groups.

ivy bowties 2

IVY PREPSTER’s signature items, square bottom and pointed structure knit ties; offer a more lightweight feel and a slimmer look. Some of the patterns portrayed on the knit ties consist of stripes and dots, as well as sweater-like argyle and Fair Isle themes and textures. Other neckwear offered such as, woven ties and bow ties, deliver a professional yet stylish look to any blazer/shirt combination.

ivy tie bars

Some of the IVY PREPSTER accessories are certain to turn some heads. Their unique and tasteful tie bars will not only keep your tie from looking like a tire swing but will be the cherry on top of your attire. Along with the tie bars, their assortment of pocket squares will fully complete your get-up providing extra touch of class.

ivy pocket squares

IVY believes that each knit tie has a unique charisma, allowing an individual to express his/her spirit and personality. Tailored Avenue Approved! After reviewing an assortment of their ties, we love each unique design and how each tie clearly represents the IVY PREPSTER name and brand.


Fully take on the IVY PREPSTER look, by checking out their PREPSTER ETIQUETE page and you’ll see how their products matchup effortlessly with other outfits and accessories.

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