Holiday Starter Pack: 5 Unique Gift Ideas

Don’t be a sh*tty friend, be a great one.

As soon as December rolls around, I always seem to be scrambling to pick out gifts for friends and family. Most of the time, I have no clue what to get or I spend too much time trying to think of the most creative, unique gift possible. This year, Tailored’s going to save you time and give you a lineup of some killer gifts that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s your ‘pops’, brother, or friend we’ve got you covered.

Decapitator: The bottle opener of the future

Did I really just suggest a Decapitator? Yes I did, but it’s not what your thinking. Do you have a friend that takes on the bartender role at parties or someone who needs another gadget for his man cave? Give him a new and cool way to open up his favorite bottles of beer with the, Decapitator. Corkcicle, has created a clever new device that seamlessly removes bottle caps by fitting over the caped bottle and giving a lil’ push. Save boring bottle openers for the ‘painfully awkward Rob Lowe’s of the world and give the Decapitator a try.


Custom Wooden Coasters: Taking ‘promotional swag’to another level


Just like hot sauce, Tailored Avenue likes to put our logos on everything. For someone who owns a business or has just created a new product/service, it’s crucial to spread the word and gain some brand recognition. We have just come across, customizable Logo Coasters, by the Tinkering Monkey. For just $7 a pop’, you can have your very own company logo engraved into these stylish wooden coasters. These personalized coasters will become the talk of any social gathering and ultimately the perfect gift for any entrepreneur.


Pocket Blanket: Enjoying the outdoors just got easier


Going outside for a picnic, festival, or just enjoying the outdoors can sometimes be a hassle. Packing the essentials: blanket, food, drinks, headphones, etc., this all takes up space, which results in lugging around a large heavy bag. To help save some space, ditch the big blankets and mattress sheets that you typically lay on. Instead, slip the Matador Pocket Blanket into your pocket or bag and be on your way. Matador has created a, ‘water repellant, puncture resistant, and pocket friendly’ blanket that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors. 

Cold Brewed Coffee: Things just got a little chilly


large_10251461_636599599748972_186682884_nAs a typical hipster, I’m always looking to try and do new things differently than most people; having a unique style, trying exotic food and drinks, and more. As soon as I heard of cold brewed coffee, I had to jump on board. If your friend is someone like me or is an avid coffee lover, companies like Slingshot Coffee Co. and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, will send you their very own cold brewed coffee in bottles, kegs, and growlers. Having the coffee cold brewed adds more flavor, takes away the acidity from normal hot brewing, and is just something new and interesting to try out. Seems like a solid gift to me.

Shore Watches: Straps on straps on straps

And what would a Tailored Avenue article be without a staple watch…this time we are talking about, Shore Projects watches, and their stylish interchangeable straps. What is one way to have an array of watches without spending hundreds of dollars? It’s simple, Shore Projects offers four basic watches with combinations of white/black faces and gold/silver stainless steel outer casings, with a wide variety of metallic, leather, polka dot, and original straps. By spending just $175 on the first watch and $30-$45 per additional strap, you can hook your friend up with a classy yet modern watch with a ton of options. Now you’ve gotten him an awesome gift and your thinking ahead, you’re killin’ it!


Happy Holidays,

Tailored Avenue

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