Game Day: Skincare for the Active Modern Man

It’s Game Time

Last year, father and son, Dr. Kerry Demascus and Demetri Demascus launched a high quality skincare line. Designed, tested and approved by Dr. Demascus with over 20 years of expertise in the skincare field. Game Day will not disappoint the active modern man.


This past week, brothers Travis Shevlin (Founder & Owner, Tailored Avenue) and Kyle Shevlin (Editor, Tailored Avenue) took the complete Game Day set on their weeklong Extreme Sports vacation where they filmed and took watersports to the next level.


As extreme sports enthusiast, you must wake up at the crack of dawn to ride the glass water, just when the fog is steaming off the surface.


DSC01140Every AM we charged up with Game Day’s Charging Spray, which Refreshes, Revives, Awakens and Recharges the skin. There’s no better way to awaken your body than misting the Charging Spray over your face and upper body.

DSC01213After a morning ski, we headed to the cove to soak up some rays/belly flop contest and use the Game Day’s Moisturizer, which is a Hydrator with SPF 30 to help get a nice tan without the burn.

Visit their site to see the array of other shaving and skincare products they have available. All Game Day products are made in the U.S.A. in Pompano Beach, FL. If you have been following Tailored Avenue for a while, by now you’ll know we appreciate products being made in the U.S.A.  Game Day adhere’s to the highest standards including using the finest natural ingredients (some include Alpine Willowherb Extract and Pear Cactus Extract) that are paraban free, cruelty free, no GMO’s and toxin free. When you choose Game Day, you know that you are using the best.


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