Freshen Up: Get Tailored Avenue’s Signature Hairstyle

Mens Hair Part

If you’ve made it to our blog, you’ve probably seen already our signature men’s hairstyling tool, The Perfect Part. The tool can help you get your straight line, but what you do after that is up to you. Here are three different side part looks you can try using The Perfect Part:


  • The tousled, care-free side part: For this look, the longer your hair, the better. First, use The Perfect Part  to part your hair on the side. Then, using a quarter-sized dollop of the product of your choice (we like American Crew Pomade, $10.99 at Target), ditch the comb and use your hands to work the product into your hair as you loosely rake backward with your fingers.
  • The “Don Draper” polished side part: Use The Perfect Part to part your hair on the side. Add a bigger scoop of pomade and use the closed comb to smooth each side of your part down against your head.
  • The “Tailored Avenue” blend: Our signature hairstyle is a blend of the first two. Again, create your straight line with The Perfect Part. Then use the fine teeth of the comb and a bit of pomade to comb your hair to your head. Finish off by running your fingers through your hair to give it a more natural look.

Check out The Perfect Part, $19.99, to get started 

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