Cross Colours: Original Streetwear

Clothing Without Prejudice

Sound familiar? Cross Colours is making a strong resurgence. In the 90’s, Cross Colours was a clothing company that specialized in apparel for all Americans with a street point of view promoting education and the end of gang violence. Cross Colours pushes the message, “Clothing Without Prejudice”, a slogan that appears on every garment. They aimed to deliver positive messages like “Stop D Violence” and “Educate 2 Elevate”.

tlc ccWe first recognized the Cross Colours brand when roaming around the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a small boutique of strictly vintage streetwear. It held a variety of old school snapbacks, throwback basketball jerseys, and even a hornets starter jacket! In the 90’s, you weren’t cool unless you had a starter jacket. Still, this original Cross Colours snapback really caught our attention. Simple but iconic. Intrigued by this hat, we looked deeper into this brand and we were pleasantly surprised behind its history.

cc hat

In 1989, Carl Jones founded Cross Colours right in South Central Los Angeles, California. With a growing popularity in streetwear and fashion, Cross Colours was fully embraced by the rising hip-hop movement. Whether it was Snoop Dogg, Marky Mark, or the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rocking Cross Colours, this brand was making a statement with “people doing life on this planet.” marky mark

Due to the mandate for vintage streetwear and the resurgence of old school trends, Cross Colours has decided to re-launch the brand. The 2014 lineup of streetwear has certainly caught our eye with meaningful slogans and cool designs combining elements from the 90’s and today’s trends. The variety of graphic tees, hoodies, snapbacks, and beanies will give your outfit a sense of style and history.


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