Cory Vines: Active Gear Without Attracting Notice

Less is more. 

Our daily motto “stay tailored” should be applied all around the clock. Exercising should be no exception. Problem is all the good stuff is too expensive!


High quality, fitted gym shirts cost $60+ on average from the big brands, forcing us gents on a budget to wear our free cotton giveaway shirts we got at our last sporting event.


Cory Vines, the answer to stylish activewear that won’t break the bank. Less Bucks, More Bang. You’re welcome.

By releasing small, curated collections, CV makes each line attractive to the consumer. Also, by using simple designs and minimalistic logos, Cory Vines does it without attracting notice. Needless to say, we’re hooked on the vine.

Prime Examples:

Neighborhood Collection: Suitable for post-workout comfort or just kickin’ it.

Neighborhood Weekender Pant

Path Collection: If you want to turn some heads while gettin’ your grind on. (Tailored Tip, check out the soft silhouette PATH TEE; designed with form and function in mind and made for lasting performance for just $30)

The Path Tee

Lane Collection: It’s game-time and your ready to put on a show.

The Lane Track Short

Make sure to check out the rest of each collection (Him & Her), we’re confident you’ll find something you didn’t think you needed.

It’s about time active wear brands have caught up with today’s fashion. Thanks to Cory Vines, we now have top-notch gear for an affordable price.


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