Chubbies: We do shorts and only shorts

Radical Shorts for Men

When it comes to shorts, Chubbies knows best. To them, pants are considered evil. Anything longer than Chubbies might as well be considered Capri pants. They are simply the raddest, most bad-ass shorts on this planet.


Throw out those baggy cargos and board shorts that fall below your knee. It’s time to show the world those juicy thighs your mother and father gave you. Chubbies offers an array of shorts from casuals to swim wear. We recently stepped into a pair of these beautiful shorts and found them extremely comfortable, stylish, and gnarly!


A few of the pairs we really like from their Swim Wear Collection are The Primos, Mcfly’s and Off Shores.


Not only does Chubbies make great bathing suits, they literally have a different type of short for any event imaginable whether it’s an Independence Day BBQ, Bachelor Party, doing squats in the Adirondacks, or playing ball with the boys.

Join the Chubster nation NOW! Order your own pair of Chubbies by Tuesday and you’ll have them by the weekend. Don’t know your size? Fit is guaranteed.

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Check out a few of our favorite tweets from @Chubbies

  • Chubbies are what Willis was talking ’bout.
  • Apple tried making Chubbies, but realized they didn’t have the technology.
  • I like to picture Jesus in a pair of Chubbies. It says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.
  • When you wear pants, you sweat. When you wear Chubbies, people around you sweat.
  • Chubbies, for those who can stand the heat but are too busy fighting bears and skydiving to be in the kitchen.
  • Chubbies are how I met your mother.

As Joel “The Dude” Ivey says, keep those thighs liberated my friend. Boomslammadammadingdong!

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