Brooklyn Brewery: We make beer. Good beer.

Want to kick back and enjoy some delicious craft beers? The Brooklyn Brewery would be a fine choice. After all, we do drink their beer often.

This past weekend, we spontaneously decided to take a step inside this mammoth brick building. Two steps in, our eyes shot wide open at the sight of the giant stainless steel brewing machines.


As we continued to venture throughout the brewery, we found ourselves in the very open and clean tasting area. The space comprised of wooden picnic tables and a conveniently placed bar that served a variety of their signature beers. A few of the names available were the East India Pale Ale, Lager, Half Pilsner, and many more.


This scene provided the textbook hangout area for a bunch of friends looking to taste some quality craft beers.


Looking to take a tour of the brewery or need a venue to host a private event? The Brooklyn Brewery has got you covered with small batch tours during the week, free tours on Saturday and Sunday, as well of offering a raw post-industrial 4,000 square foot space for a private party. Small batch tours (up to 30 people) run Monday-Thursday for just $10 with a guided tasting of 4 craft beers. Any other time during the weekend, gather up some beer tokens for $5 each or 5 for $20 to try some of Brooklyn’s signature brews.



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