Bread & Boxers: The King’s Loungewear

Minimalistic style.

When picturing a professional athlete, you’ll most likely think of him/her sporting their jerseys on game day and not what they wear off the field a.k.a. “in real life.”

In today’s world, appearance is becoming a priority for all men and women partly due to the emergence of social media. Many athletes are leveraging their spotlight in the media as a platform to showcase their style. Some athletes have even partnered with clothing brands to curate amazing and stylish gear.


One to name? Henrik Lundqvist, the swedish goalie for the New York Rangers. Henrik has partnered with Bread & Boxers; a brand that makes everyday basics and extremely comfortable loungewear. B&B’s easy to wear style isn’t loud and cluttered with patterns, it’s simple and essential.

Not only does the ‘King’ fully embrace the brand, he is the face of the brand in campaigns and collaborates to create his own capsule collections.

The line is beautiful and comfortable – essential, really –
which is what attracted me to Bread & Boxers.
I wore the products and loved them. It’s that simple.

-Henrik Lundqvist-


Now, our take: Tailored Avenue Approved!

B&B basics consist of well-fit crew necks and v-necks that could be worn as undershirts and stylish enough to rock on their own. We commend the relaxed t-shirts which have raw necklines and hemps. Plus, the B&B smooth boxer briefs are made from stretch cotton that won’t ride up on you and will keep the ‘goods’ in one place (important feature gentlemen).

Their Loungewear apparel is amazingly comfortable and a necessity for the cold months of winter. Whether it’s their long sleeve crews, henley’s, or joggers, this apparel will become your body’s best friend.

12046995_964465243616872_554838642378789058_nAfter a day of lounging in the Marled Yarn Crew, we felt like the King.

This shirt feels like butter on my nips.

-Anonymous Tailored Ave. Editor-

It’s obvious big brands like Nike and Adidas have been partnering with athletes for decades.  On the other side of the spectrum for the startups and small brands, partnering with a big name athlete or celebrity could be a game changer and we’re sure this trend will continue.

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