Wine Awesomeness: Wine All The Time

A month by month journey led by wine and awesomeness.

Have you seen Somm? A documentary about four sommeliers who attempt to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, arguably the toughest exam in the world. Trust me, after watching; you will think Wine is Awesome.

However, when a sommelier a.k.a wine expert is describing a wine they would not just say this wine is awesome – they would likely use fancy words to describe the wood they taste, how earthy it is, the age, aromas, the balance, etc. You get the point.

When we heard of Wine Awesomeness, we wanted in the club! This brand embodies everything cool there is about wine.

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Let’s start with the Wine Awesomeness Membership program. WA offers four different monthly subscription packages of their signature wines curated by their very own rockstar sommeliers.

For $45/month you’ll receive 3 bottles, you have to option to choose either all unique reds, whites with a chance of some rosé or bubbly, or select the variety pack. If your feeling a lil’ frisky pull out that plastic and snag the six pack for $75/month – This option is the best bang for your buck ($12.50/bottle). All packages come with wines from around the world, paired with music, recipes and tasting notes in WA’s Book of Awesomeness.


It’s clear that subscription service companies are taking over the way we shop. If I can post-up on my couch and order some vino to be delivered monthly right to my door, count me in!

Sign Up Here to start your very own wine journey and let these wine junkies take you out of your comfort zone.

To help kick off the spring season, Wine Awesomeness gave us a first look at their booklet, thebacklabel: BACKYARD BBQ. WA wants you to change things up this spring, drop the 6-pack of beer, and grab some wine while you’re roastin’ & toastin’ at the grill. This booklet offers some rad wine-and-grill combos that you are just going to have to see for yourself. Oh yeah, don’t forget their DIY instructions for the absolute perfect steak! You’re welcome.

For everything else cool about wine, check out WA’s thebacklabel page. Here you can find articles about the education of wine, traveling, lifestyle, DIY recipes, different food & wine pairings, and more.


So go ahead: read a little bit, discover something new, and drink some wine!

Most importantly, we encourage you to drink with an open mind. You might just find what you’ve always been looking for.

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