Tinder: It’s not a dating app, get over it!

It has become a huge topic of discussion as of late, is Tinder for dating or you know?

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I can understand the endless enjoyment of swiping left or right, purely on looks alone. Men troll tinder trying to find a hook up 99% of the time. Women do the same, but in most cases are embarrassed to admit their intentions. Though I am not on the app, I have played around on my single friend’s phones. I’m not saying, act like a cave man, expecting to just metaphorically – club a lady and take her home, show a little class. When my single guy friends text me screenshots of some female profiles on Tinder, calling out in the few words they can write that it’s not a hook up app, or some females write an essay about how they are here to date…well unfortunately you sound ridiculous.

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All the single ladies, get over your pride and realize you are on the app that the opposite sex judges on purely looks alone. Comparing it to a dating site in the same vein as an eHarmony, OkCupid, etc is just idiotic. For argument sake, and this is from a conversation I personally had a few months back with a girl I met through a friend, swiping away and I quote -“Well I’m not trying to meet the man of my dreams on here.” Why else would you be drunk, 2am on a Saturday night at Pianos not going home with anyone – swiping left or right…to meet Mr. Right?

aub tinderDo you really think she’s looking for the man of her dreams with this selfie?

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