Status Audio: Elite Chic Headphones Under $50

Just pure sound.

Logo: “a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.”

Consumers are often caught up in a specific brand or logo that they start to lose track of what actually matters, one word, quality. Status Audio is sticking to their guns and focusing solely on their product and nothing else; offering quality headphones for just $44.00.

StatuDSC01631s Audio headphones supply a sleek blank look leaving it up to the owner to make it their very own; just because ‘walking around wearing someone else’s flair just doesn’t feel quite right.’ As we like to say, embrace your own style with confidence!

Without any logos, how will anyone know what headphones I am wearing? Honestly, who actually cares what brand you are wearing or how much you spent. Trust Tailored, you will be turning heads with your very own pair of Status Audio HD One Headphones.

These headphones come in three different colors; CLASSIC (matte black with a red strip), JETBLACK (murdered out matte black) and the MARATHON (a matte red finish on the outside and black interior). All headphones possess 40mm precision drivers for even quality sound, a rubberized matte finished providing a sleek look saying goodbye to fingerprints, a detachable cord with inline mic and control, and many other features.

status audio

Tailored Avenue has just received their very own pair of JETBLACK HD One Headphones and man were we impressed! The style is simple yet unique, the headphones are durable and lightweight, and the sound is pure bliss. These headphones will complement any outfit and are a complete steal at just $44.00. Watch the video and you’ll be convinced.


Status Audio, like Tailored Avenue, is a local New York start-up company that was founded in 2013. As we know, start-ups need to be unique and offer something that the competition does not; Status Audio does just that. Based right in Brooklyn, New York, they look to keep it simple and to the point; “if it doesn’t directly increase customer satisfaction and value, we don’t do it.” By staying away from retail, celebrity endorsements, PR companies and ad/marketing, there’s no added confusion, just a quality product. Using a direct to consumer business model allows Status Audio to cut out the middle man and offer this superb product at this incredibly low price.


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