Rainbow Sandals: The Only Sandal

Quality Sandals

Here in NYC, we love the slightest glimpse of spring! The 60-degree days make us want to kick off our winter boots, throw on a pair of our favorite sandals and head to the beach. Tailored Avenue believes that quality takes precedence over quantity and our Rainbow Sandals are definitely quality. They require some wear and tear but once worn-in they quickly became a staple in your spring/summer wardrobe.

We believe that sandals should be comfortable, durable and stylish.  Rainbow Sandals embodies all of these characteristics and not to mention they are made in the USA.  Started in 1972, Jay “Sparky” Longley experimented making sandals in his Laguna Beach garage. Today, Rainbow makes 2,000,000 pairs of sandals in a single year. Composed mainly of premier nubuck leather, the sandal’s single layer and arch support is triple glued for maximum hold. The deeply embedded nylon toe piece will help keep your sandal in one piece every time a buddy “flat-tires” you from the back. They are all around a great purchase.


Customers love their Rainbow Sandals and since they are of such great quality Rainbow offers a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects. If you have a chance, visit their shop on Elizabeth St. in NYC, you can see some of their customer stories with their worn sandals and the many miles that traveled with them.

Check out our favorite pair, the Sierra Brown Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support. The best $51 you will ever spend; the value is priceless.


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