Refresh Your Sock Drawer with Nice Laundry

It’s all about the details

Is your sock drawer full of boring, uncomfortable, unwanted socks? If you are thinking about your boring socks now, it’s time for a S.D.M. (Sock Drawer Makeover). With men more recently becoming conscious of their overall appearance, your socks pay a large tribute to your stylish outfit.



The quality of these socks will literally knock your boring socks off. I’m talking about those dull black ones you are wearing as you read this (don’t look down).

Nice Laundry focuses on the fine details that the big players forget, with thought and consideration given to particulars like cuff tension and heel pocket depth.

Dreamer II


Masterfully Crafted & Designed for Perfection:

  • 80% Combed cotton / 19% Nylon / 1% Spandex
  • Deep heel pocket, full-length cuff rib
  • Microlast™ process reduces shrinkage

Nice Laundry can hook you up in just a few clicks. Order 6 pairs for $39 or choose the complete makeover set and receive 18 pairs for just $99. Free shipping within the United States.


Not only do they have a superior product, Nice Laundry is standing out partly because of their Virtuous (Re)Cycle program. Every order comes with a prepaid shipping label so customers can send in their old socks. Nice Laundry will salvage them by reusing, repurposing, and converting them into recycled fibers. As the guys at Nice Laundry like to say “Everything deserves a second chance, even your old socks.”

Serious question, what’s better than putting on a fresh pair of socks?


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