Knob Creek: Damn Great Bourbon

Real men drink bourbon, great friends share bourbon.

A gift can say a great deal about a man and the relationship between the two parties. If you need something that says, you’re the f*cking man and I respect you, we’ve got you covered.


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Knob Creek bourbon and their customizable labels are just the fix. Whether you need a gift for your best man and the rest of your groomsmen, a birthday gift, or something to treat yourself for being awesome, Knob Creek is great for all the above and more.

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Creating a customized label for your very own bottle of Knob Creek, is the cherry on top of what already is a great product. Just follow the simple steps provided, it’s that easy! Don’t forget, be unique and create a label that will have people saying, wow this guy knows what he’s doing.

legendAside from the tailored label, Knob Creek makes great bourbon, it’s just that simple. Offering four different bourbons: Single Barrel Reserve, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and Smoked Maple, all of which supply distinct bold taste. Where does this bold flavor come from? By crafting in small batches mixed with extra aging, the bourbon is able to absorb more of the sugar from the wood, bringing back ‘Real Bourbon.’


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“This is bourbon the way it used to be. The way it was meant to be.”- Founder, Booker Noe. By sticking to the Knob Creek tradition and implementing original family bourbon recipes; each barrel is filled with passion and originality. The name, Knob Creek, says it all. For those who don’t know, Knob Creek was the name of the river that flowed behind Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home right in Kentuky. Lincoln was genuine and his character was like no other; this created the perfect mold for Knob Creek brand.

One last thing we want you to remember.

Everything is better when it’s #tailored!


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